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Bumblebee Class

At around age 7 1/2 - 8, our students move to a 90 minute combination class. We are able to continue their early ballet and tap training while introducing jazz to their repertoire. It is recommended that students have already completed Dragonfly Duo before this class. This 90 minute class is an easy progression that allows our dancers to explore a new style while still building upon their ballet and tap technique. Ballet technique is more strongly introduced as dancers become more physically capable as the grow older. 

Bumblebees love to dance!

Our Bumblebee dancers are always working hard in ballet, tap, and jazz!


Our Bumblebees get to experience Hip Hop!

Our Dragonfly and Bumblebees have the opportunity to learn Hip Hop and Musical Theatre through our Intensives program!

Ready to register your Bumblebee?

We like to give our costumers a personal touch when discussing available classes and prices! Please give us an email and we will gladly help you get set up.

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