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About Us

Dance friends are the best friends!

Our mission, you may be surprised to learn, is not just to teach dancing. We believe that we bring physical benefits as well as artistic and social benefits to every student.  We keep in mind that every student is different, works at a different pace, and responds individually to problems and accomplishments.  Each student is equally important and we strive to give equal time and attention to every dancer.


Our resolve is to provide the best instruction in dance, an appreciation of the related arts, and the social development of which we are humanly capable-and to increase that  capability each day.  To this, we dedicate our energies, our imagination, our lives.


We are different from other studios in that we believe that dance is for everyone.  We do not participate in competition.  Instead we offer a Performance Group by audition.  We believe that offering students a chance to experience sharing their talents with varied audiences is a valuable life lesson.


We believe in working as a team.  There are no solos.  We build dancers who work together with others to bring joy to everyone who is fortunate enough to see them perform.

Our Story

The Jean Kettell Studio of Dance has been a staple of the community for more than 60 years.  There  is a saying in Dundalk that everyone knows at least one person who has studied dance with us!

Our studio family comes from places as close as Sparrows Point and Perry Hall, and as far away as Pennsylvania.

We pride ourselves in bringing fun to the classroom while instilling proper dance technique to our students.  We value the individuality of each child, and work to create confident young dancers by appreciating their unique talents.  

We believe that dance is both an art and a  form of communication; is beneficial for everyone.  

We provide a healthy and positive atmosphere for our dancers and their families.  We believe in continuing to nurture our students as they grow in their technique and training.  

We also strive to encourage our dancers to be well rounded, in both their academic studies and extra curricular activities. 


Our instructors understand that every student learns differently.  

We do not believe in cookie cutter instruction.  It is our goal to teach to the child.  Everyone has their strengths and struggles.  It is our job to challenge the strengths and work through the struggles.  

We enjoy fun activities throughout the year.  We are so much more than dance, we are family!

Four dance friends are posing in our "Dance Friends" frame for their first day back to class.
One of our Caterpillar Dancers just had her first ballet class!
During the recital, dancers are always excited to go onstage and perform.
A whole class of dancers swarm their teacher Miss Renee in a giant group hug!
Our Move with Me friends are in a world of their own under the big yellow umbrella with ducks!
After COVID hit, our opening night of recital was still on. These sisters dressed up to celebrate!
One of our youngest dancers is waiting patiently for her turn backstage as she watches the big girls
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