The Jean Kettell Studio of Dance LLC – COVID-19 Policies - Updated 10/21/2020


            We have a few updates on our studio policy regarding the COVID-19 virus. These policies may change at any time to increase the safety of our students and staff. We will re-evaluate as needed, always putting our dance family first.


1. The water fountain is closed. Please bring a personal water bottle clearly marked with you or your child’s name.


 2. We are limiting studio visitors. Students 5 years and older must be dropped off. Staff will be available during drop off times to take your dancer from the car. Please enter the lot from the Dizzy Pleasure Club side to help with traffic flow. If you are late, please bring your dancer in and our secretary will make sure that she gets to class.


3. Students under 5 are limited to only one parent accompanying them. All parents must always wear a mask while inside the building. We will also ask that you practice social distancing as well. The viewing windows are closed. Please observe on BAND.


4. We are streaming all classes for parents to view, through the Band App.


5. In addition to our normal cleaning practices, we will be cleaning high touch areas and the floor between classes. All barres, props that may be used, and other high touch surfaces, like doorknobs, will be cleaned between classes.


6. Hand sanitizer will be used before entering and exiting the building as well as any space the students may enter or exit. In addition, there will be hand sanitizer in the classrooms for students to use at their leisure.


7. Each student will have their own box to dance in. Boxes are spaced to keep students six feet apart, even while dancing. Due to each dancer getting their own space, class sizes will be smaller to adhere to the social distancing rule. In addition to the 6 feet squares, we have added more space in between boxes to give even more distance between dancers.


8. We will have air purifiers in each dance space. In order to keep our dance spaces clean, we will have air purifiers in each classroom to continually cleanse the air while our students are dancing.


9. Dancers will not change classrooms. The classroom you begin in each week, will be the classroom you stay in until the end of the night. Classes may possibly alternate on a weekly basis.


10. Dancers are always required to wear a mask throughout the class. They may take a mask break at their station at any time it is needed. Water breaks are frequent as well. We understad that very young dancers may not keep their mask on.


11. The dressing rooms are closed. Students will be sent directly to their classroom at the designated time of their class. We also would like them to limit the amount of possessions brought into the space. If possible, only their shoes, and a water bottle should come in with them. Clearly marked with their name to avoid accidentally switching shoes or drinks. Students old enough for barre work should also bring a hand towel for the barre.


12. Everyone's  temperatures will be taken each day upon arrival. Anyone with a temperature of 100.4 or higher will not be allowed to stay.


13. We will do a quick screening of our dancers before they enter the building. This may include temperature checks. If your dancer or anyone in your home has been sick or had a fever greater than 100.4, please take your class from home via Zoom. This rule is extremely important. Your dancer should be fever free without the aid of medication for at least 72 hours before returning to class.

Purifier Mop

Air purifiers and cleaning between classes

Single box

Fun colored dancing boxes in our preschool dance room

Downstairs boxes

6x6 dance boxes with additional space between to allow more distance between dancers

Dot floor

Clearly marked personal area with distancing observed

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