Move With Me                               

This 30 minute class is geared to our youngest students and a parent or other adult participant.  Children will engage in movement based activities that will encourage their love for music and dance.  Themed game- like concepts make learning fun.  Skills may include identification of body parts, isolating different parts of the body for movement, patterns and spacing, as well as other early technique concepts such as pointing and flexing.  This curriculum will be a nice introduction to concepts that are explored in Preschool classrooms.   Additionally, participants will gain skills related to class structure while respecting their individual personalities and age limitations. 

Ballet for ages 2 1/2, 3, and 4

This 45 minute class is for children who are ready to participate in a class on their own.  In the spirit of sparking the imaginations of our young dancers, creative games and props are used to teach the concepts of technique and stage movement.  Themed lessons will reinforce skills like numbers, shapes, letters and other preschool concepts.  Fun is the key to this class!


Tap for Boys

We offer a special 30 minute tap class just for our boys who want to enjoy creating rhythms and exploring musicality while having a great time with themes like dinosaurs and pirates. 

Combination Ballet/Tap Classes

These one hour classes are geared toward our 5 and 6 year old students.  Each class will consist of 30 minutes of ballet and 30 minutes of tap.  Ballet class will promote healthy posture, coordination and technique that carry into other forms of dance.  Ballet is required for all students.  Students will enjoy the rhythm and tempo of tap dancing.   Using your feet as your own instrument is a great exploration in the way the body works. 

Combination Tap/Jazz Classes

At ages 6 and 7, our students move to one hour ballet classes.  At this age, they are ready for more technique based movement and their bodies and minds are ready to concentrate more.  Physically, they are not read for more than 2 hours of dance at a time.  We offer the tap/jazz combination class. The 30 minute tap class will progress the concepts taught in the ballet/tap combination class.  Jazz will be introduced as students’ bodies are ready for faster movements with more complex coordination between arms and legs.



Ballet is a required class. Ballet class begins with barre work to develop muscles, stress posture and prepare the dancer for more advance movement at centre.  Centre work will include adage, allegro, traveling combinations and reverence.  Dancers will be taught correct terminology.  Proper ballet class etiquette is also expected.  We pride ourselves on offering a disciplined, structured class while still maintaining a fun and interesting environment. 



Tap is an American dance form that uses special shoes to make sounds by striking, brushing or sliding against the floor.  It promotes musicality and rhythm.  Dancers will learn the basic single tap sounds and progress to multiple sound steps.  As a dancer advances, the rhythms and choreography will become more complex.


Jazz dance is a blend of many styles that find their basis in ballet concepts.  With more upbeat music and allowances for different choreographic movements, dancers will enjoy the variety of different styles that can be found in this class. Combinations may include elements ranging from Broadway to Hip Hop and everything in between.  Students will also work on building strength in leaps and jumps.  Ballet concepts will be used in this class to increase height in jumps, flexibility, turning and more. 

Prep Pointe

Prep-Pointe is available to dancers who have met both age and technique requirements in their study of ballet.  Prep-Pointe is taken as a separate, non-performing class.  At the end of the season, the teacher will make a recommendation for a full pointe class if the student has met the requirements necessary to be successful in a pointe class.  In some cases, a teacher may recommend that a student take prep-pointe again. 


Dancers who have successfully completed Prep-Pointe may register for a pointe class with the approval of their prep-pointe instructor.  



Lyrical dance is a  style that embodies various aspects of ballet and jazz but clearly displays emotion and demonstrates a visual understanding of the lyrics of a piece of music. Dual enrollment in ballet and jazz may be required.

Musical Theatre
Musical theatre is the study of Broadway dance and dance styles.  It is a theatrical performance that combines songs, spoken dialogue and dancing.  Dual enrollment in a jazz class may be required.

Alumni/Adult Class

We offer a combination jazz/tap class for past students and other adults with dance experience.  The class consists of 30 minutes of jazz and 30 minutes of tap.

Dancing Sunshine

We believe that every child deserves the chance to be a dancing star. We partner with Dancing Sunshine, Inc.   This class serves our special needs and medically complex children. 



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